While there is an About page to answer some of the basics you might have, here are some extras pieces of information.

Do you guys both handle the site?
Short answer, yes. Long answer, No. I (Eeep) handle site maintenance and the upkeep of the site, but Oni checks in from time to time using various different gadgets and/or phones he tries out to see if there’s an issue with the site.

I had a problem with a technical issue on the site! Do you have someone I can send a complaint to?
While it’s rare that we have any problems like that, WordPress plugins do occasionally go screwy so if you do, please send it to admin – at – eeeperschoice.com That’s our dedicated address for tech issues.

I want to send you an regular email but I don’t know if you will answer really fast!
First of all, why would you need an answer that fast from us? You hanging off a cliff? Oh, well, never mind. If you absolutely NEED to email us use the links for our emails provided in the sidebar. Also if you’re unsure of what time it is where we are right now, you can use this autoclock which is keyed to our local time:

Phillip, going by the handle Eeeper, reviews anime and manga from the post apocalyptic wasteland that is Ireland. Remember, it's all your fault.

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