Kingyo Used Books with Ed Sizemore

Today we’re talking with Ed Sizemore about Seimu Yoshizaki’s Kingyo Used Books. Released by VIZ under their SigIKKI line, and also part of their Signature line as well, I really enjoyed this series and wish more people read it. Ostensibly about the goings on in a used manga shop, it’s more about the people who come and go and also gives a crash course in famous and obscure manga.

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Amazon UK:

Kingyo Used Books, Volume 1

Kingyo Used Books, Volume 2

Kingyo Used Books, Volume 4

Kingyo Used Books, Volume 4

Amazon US:

Kingyo Used Books, Vol. 1

Kingyo Used Books, Vol. 2

Kingyo Used Books, Vol. 3

Kingyo Used Books, Vol. 4

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7 thoughts on “Kingyo Used Books with Ed Sizemore”

  1. I love Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service! Was so hyped when the latest volume was released (after a 1.5-year gap). ^^"

    I don't even have a proper blog nowadays but I'll write and post something for this. o/

    1. Cool! I’m glad you like it! Kurosagi deserves more love. If you want to email me your post or if you have a new blog, please send me it and I’ll post it up. Please, remember that the MMF runs until the 31st so you have lots of time!

  2. About Viz Sig Ikki, I was reading a bunch of their stuff when they first turned that site on, but never got around to checking out Kingyo Used Books. Seems interesting though. Bokurano was the greatest manga they had there though, been buying the volumes when I can. Anyway great episodes man.

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