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Eeeper’s Choice Show 12B – The From-Here-On-In-It’s-For-Real Show

On this weeks show we review Negima by Ken Akumatsu of Love Hina fame. I really think that Oni’s grasp has exceeded his reach on this one but make up your own misinformed opinion. Having said that, my OWN review of Denno Coil sounds less researched then his so he probably wins out in this one. We also start what I hope is a semi-regular column with Kendra supplying said content.

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The news is always old on our show. Always. But nevertheless here’s what we covered this week:

Geneon is officially out of making and selling anime. Here’s the original article from ANN concerning Geneon’s announcement. Say what you will, but maybe there’s weight to the argument that the current business model for selling anime in North America is seriously f*&ked up. Geneon was one of the biggest producers in the US, so for them to go under is bad news. For more informed discussion check out here.

A list of the licences Geneon controls/controlled.

Mysterious Cities Of Gold is coming to DVD. After giving up on the English right ever being sorted out Fabulous Films UK comes to the rescue. Maybe they might include the Japanese opening. Though I doubt anyone is looking forward to the sequel commissioned by a French crowd. Check out this translated version of a French fansite. From what I can tell, there are two projects ongoing. One, the “official” sequel simple titled MCOG2, headed up by French producer Jean Chalopin, the original producer of the first series, will continue the story with Estaban, Zia and Tao. It looks exactly like the original show. They are, apparently, are waiting to find a studio in Japan to do the animation. In the second instance “The Adventures Of Esteban & Zia”, from the video on this fansite for the French DVD release, I’d rather claw my own eyes out with barbecue skewers than watch this again. But if you’re a glutton for punishment, then go ahead . Me, I’ll leave you with a youtube video of better times:

Finally, Toshiba And Fixstars are offering a user translated manga service, MangaNovel, where users pay about $4-5 for a digital copy of a tankobon to keep for yourself. If you feel like translating an tankobon that hasn’t been claimed by anyone else, then you get royalties from any subsequent sales! Don’t know any more than you do, so check it out and let me know.



Negima - Pandering Fan Service of Not?

Ken Akumatsu’s Harry Potter style harem manga, I’ve only got so much time for him and that only includes the copies of Love Hina that I own. But Oni says that it’s a pretty good story, decent characters(if you can keep track of 40+ characters) and great artwork. Just don’t expect Shakespeare.

Denno Coil

Denno Coil - Cool, a show that owns the Internets!

Mitsuo Iso
‘s brilliant little show that no-one in anime licensing is talking about has me thinking. I read about this show when NHK were putting out promotional material out for it back in April. This is a show that looks like one thing but that I suspect will turn out to be something else. Given Iso’s work on RaXephon and Evangelion, that’s hardly surprising. I’m just glad that he decided to do something other than an imitation of said same series.


We get our third EVER listener email. Thanks to Richard for that. We cover all aspects of the email and I hope that we did our best to answer and didn’t go over time to do it.

Games and Wrap Up

Kendra from her wordpress blog, gives us some food for thought in the form of Dead Space. I hope Kendra will appear more as our first freelance contributor but we’ll have to see.

Next time Oni will be taking the God Of Manga, Ozamu Tezuka! This will be the greatest cage match ever. Oni, with his shoulder mounted merculite rockets and Nullifying field or Tezuka with his 100,000+ printing press launcher and nitro powered beret slingshot! Read your Astro Boy quick, FOR TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!

I will tackle Kenichi Sonoda’s out and out insane, gun porn, semi auto graphical manga, Gunsmith Cats. If you never knew anything about guns before, reading this will be information overload.
EDIT: Also I will be tackling Masami Yuuki’s sentai/robot/idol parody Assemble Insert

Finally, Oni and myself will regale you all with our first collectively enjoyed Retro Choice:

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Eeeper’s Choice Show 05: A hookers, space kids, libel action and other kinds of softness sorta show

This week I’ve joined the internet revolution of making myself appear smarter than I actually am.This week it’s thriller/comedy(!?!) manga Remote from TokyoPop and on the anime side I finally review a series in it’s entirety in the form of Stellvia of the Universe in the firing line. If this keeps up I’ll actually sound like a professional soon!….NOT THAT KIND OF PROFESSIONAL!….In the news Bandai threatens to tie up fansubbers with piano wire, The Anime Network continues to delude itself that it’s the Cartoon Network, Edward Alric whores himself out to MySpace and the UK contniues to rub my nose in the ground with FilmFour’s Miyazaki season. Oh, Lord! Why do you hate me so!

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