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Golden Time (14-24)

I believe when I left Golden Time last, I wondered if Tada Banri was being honest with himself being in a relationship with rich girl Koko Kaga and whether or not Koko was truly in love with Banri. Well, in this batch of episodes, you’ll get the answers to this. You’ll also be twisted like hot metal by the ups and downs and ups our two lovers go through before the final episode.

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Golden Time (1-13)

I’m always on the look out for the unusual types of anime. While the standard types are fine, I’m not a wild fan of romantic anime series. Only a few catch my eye. That’s not to say that romantic anime shows are not good, I just don’t watch that many of them. One of my main pet peeves is that the show literally waits until the final episode to get our heroes together. However, in Golden Time, that is not a problem.

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The Asterisk War (1-12)

A hundred years after an asteroid strikes the Earth and leaves the next few generations with special powers, the world’s most advanced city has been founded to settle fights between the academies in the city of Rikka, more commonly called Asterisk, for control of whatever the winner of the yearly competition wants. In the fights, one or more combatants must face off against an equal opposite number of combatants and uses their Genestella powers plus a chosen weapon (called a Lux) to defeat, incapacitate or make an opponent yield. The fight is watched by a crowd and once the challenge to fight is issued, cannot be rescinded. Into this comes Ayato Amagiri who joins one of the academies in search of his older sister who vanished a while earlier after going to the same academy. Within the first day, he sees a girl in a state of undress, proves himself a hero and gets hit on by his student year head. He hasn’t even gotten to the second day yet.

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Kingyo Used Books with Ed Sizemore

Today we’re talking with Ed Sizemore about Seimu Yoshizaki’s Kingyo Used Books. Released by VIZ under their SigIKKI line, and also part of their Signature line as well, I really enjoyed this series and wish more people read it. Ostensibly about the goings on in a used manga shop, it’s more about the people who come and go and also gives a crash course in famous and obscure manga.

Ed’s Twitter page

Comics Worth Reading (Johanna Draper Carlson’s site and an excellent resource for manga)

Ed’s entries on Comics Worth Reading (Ed used to have a regular column there and still writes for it)

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Please buy Kingyo Used Books through our Amazon links. It helps maintain the podcast.

Amazon UK:

Kingyo Used Books, Volume 1

Kingyo Used Books, Volume 2

Kingyo Used Books, Volume 4

Kingyo Used Books, Volume 4

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Kingyo Used Books, Vol. 1

Kingyo Used Books, Vol. 2

Kingyo Used Books, Vol. 3

Kingyo Used Books, Vol. 4

Side note: I’m now writing almost all the time now for Otaku News with news and review pieces. Check it out and look for my handle in the headers and see else I’ve screwed up on. I’m also writing a monthly column for MangaBookShelf called Shoujo I’m Scared Of.

Like a Bird of Paradise! Rio: Rainbow Gate roundtable

Why, oh why would I do this to myself? Why then would I subject others for the same kind of torture? This week I have Alain from the Reverse Thieves and Doctor from the SSAA Podcast talk with me and crucify you with Rio: Rainbow Gate!. It’s been a while since we said we’d cover this on the show. But here we are. Bottom line: Watch this show. Drunk. With friends if possible. Wait, now you don’t need to listen to the show! Ahh! Or…do you?


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The Rio main page on Tecmo’s site. And the youtube video we talked about on the show:

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for listening. And we got through the whole thing without referencing the DOA games!…Right?

Oh, c’mon! You didn’t think I could resist, did you?

Alain’s podcasts

Reverse Thieves

The Speakeasy

Doc’s podcasts

Ass Backwards Anime Podcast,

Just A Gintama Podcast

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Help us out!

We’ve not recorded a new episode yet as I’m looking for a bit of a hand here, folks. You see, my co-host will not go actively looking for a title to review. I’m ready to go with mine but he’s dragging his heels. So I’m asking for your help in an online vote!

So here are the ground rules:

  • No hentai.
  • Nothing overly moe.
  • 52+ series are out

He’s got far-reaching tastes so don’t be put off by “Well, maybe he won’t like what I suggest, so I won’t vote.” So now is the time to introduce him to a great new series or one-shot! Or punish him with a terrible show. It’s up to you! Want to vote? Just head over to and cast your vote using your twitter account. The vote closes at the end of May but I know my listeners will help me out before then.

Carl Macek will be denied!!!

This week myself and Aaron from the Weekly Anime Review take a look at Super Dimension Century Orguss, a classic series from the 1980’s. You know “the before time”. Anywho, a hiccup has meant that the two volumes I own and the one volume Aaron owns, are the only ones we can have at the moment. Imaginasian and TMS are working to start printing more DVD’s soon but it’s not looking good folks.

This show is the twin to my appearance on the WARP anime podcast hosted by Aaron. Check out it here. Aaron released his show AGES ago before he even went on holiday! Oh, well.

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Better show notes soon. Also to Chippy: no it’s not Overfiend! That’s coming. Sooner rather than later!

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Eeeper’s Choice Show 14 – The I-Want-Tom-Cody! Show

Hello all, we have finally returned! To all who were worried, it’s all right now. To those who weren’t, you shall feel my hyper beam dammit! On this weeks show we talk Ninjas and their consultants and the fact that they are getting engaged to one another.


Cover of Gunsmith Cats Vol.1

For the review this week I’m taking on Kenichi Sonoda’s hyper violent manga Gunsmith Cats. Nasty, quick and dangerous to know this title has what I describe as an unhealthy disrespect for life in general. That and 17 year olds passing for 13 year olds, their pedo explosive expert boyfriends(!?!), something I call the “Phantom Dick” and of course this man. Of course I’d never suggest that you watch copyrighted material with other companies music put in with it. No way, not at all.

Download Show 14 here

Next week: Osamu Tezuka’s Apollo’s Song and Masami Yuki’s Assemble Insert.

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Eeeper’s Choice 2007 End-Of-Year Review

This week we talk about the highlights of year that was 2007. From Justin Sevakis’ open letter to the anime industry and the destruction of Geneon USA and the problems with releasing anime in a timely fashion, myself and Oni let rip. So join us for the last Eeeper’s Choice for the year and also hear what we thought about our personal year in review plus the plans we have for 2008.

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