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Please note: this was written in 2011 so hence things like REDLine had just come out and my recent trip to Otakon.

Usually, when you discover a new anime series, it’s a case of “Hmm, interesting, but it’s too generic and samey. Could have used a vampire.” It’s a sad fact that the bulk of shows made today pander too much to a really, really, small niche market. I’m fine with people liking whatever it is they like but once in a while, just once in a while, I like to get a show or movie that I can really start chewing on. So, I heard and then read the central premise of Rideback. I looked for fansubs of it but by the time I did, FUNimation has already licenced it and so I decided to wait for my DVD or blu ray of it. So, when I realised that I’d be at Otakon this year and FUNI would have a sales booth I decided to buy it. And then it sat on my ever widening shelf of anime that I hadn’t watched. But unemployment will make a person want to fill the spaces when they aren’t looking for a job. So, I found myself watching the show. And it might be my favourite show of the year and I’ve had a lot of candidates for the title.

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Cyber City Odeo 808 (The Better review)

cyber-city-oedo-808Today we tackle the awesome Cyber City Odeo 808. Today we have Michael from Prede’s Anime Reviews helping review my favourite Yoshiaki Kawajiri OVA. Check out my review of the show on Anigamers and Michael’s take on the title on his blog. Apologies for the audio problems. Also, if you feel like cringing, listen to my original podcast about it, all those years ago.



Noburu Ishiguru 1938 – 2012

Chances are, if you’re reading this, that you probably have heard of the passing of famed anime director Noburu Ishiguru. Mr. Ishiguru passed away aged 73. I won’t keep you all very long. This is my personal recollection of Ishiguru.

I knew of Ishiguru’s work in anime even before I knew of he, himself. Growing up with Robotech, you, sort of, had no choice in the matter. Even after discovering about Macross, and his involvement with it, I remained impressed that one man kept it all of it together. Today there are committees, companies and like for this sort of thing. Back then nobody knew about cross media opportunities, having record companies work hand in hand with anime producers to the degree Macross did. Ishiguru helmed a series that did all that.

Working on the 1980’s Astro Boy series, you can see his flair even inside this most Tezuka of Tezuka’s works and having the added pressure of working alongside the God of Manga himself. I am only now digging into the treasure that is Legend of Galactic Heroes. Such an amazing work. Oddly, I saw his latest work, Tytania, before starting into LoGH. Does this distract from his earlier space opera? Not at all, in my book.

At Otakon 2011,I had the delightful opportunity to see Mr. Ishiguru in person as he, Makoto Shinkai and Kazuya Murata were jointly holding a Producers and Directors panel (well, the producers were too scared to come up on stage, so it became a directors panel!). We heard from a variety of their recollections, most of which I struggle to recall at the moment to be honest, and then got a chance to ask questions. Unfortunately, some idiot decided to ask the inevitable Tsunami question and that ground the whole panel to a halt. As a result, a lot of us never got a chance to ask our questions. I had a few but now I think of it, there really was only one: “For Ishiguru-sempai, and the rest of the panel if they like, what do you want to be remembered for?” Sadly, I’ll never get the chance to ask that of Mr. Ishiguru, but looking back at his long body of work, his contribution to what we regard as modern anime and his great take on being an animation director, I think I’ve got the best answer possible, in my mind. Thank you, Mr. Ishiguru, for all your hard work. You have most certainly earned your rewards, whenever you are.

Go raibh maith agat.

Secret Santa Project: Roujin Z (OAV)

Honey, I'm hommmme!!!

(Please note, this post was intended for release on 11:59am on the 31st of December. But a glitch means I am now late for the Reverse Thieves Secret Santa project. My apologies.)

Approaching this film, I was struck about human the story sounds. A bunch of kids saving an old man from the Ministry of Health? Where’s the epic-ness of that? But still the story has it’s draw. Plus Katsuhiro Otomo. And art design by Satoshi Kon. I’m in.

So, I’m going to try something different here. First I’ll give the plot, then I’ll give my impressions of the first 25 minutes or so. Then tomorrow I’ll auto-post the next two clumps of 25 minutes. Finally I’ll give my overall impressions. It’s different to how I usually review but I want to try something new on the site.


From ANN:An elderly invalid is volunteered for a bizarre science experiment. He is given a robotic bed linked directly to his brainwaves, allowing instant gratification. This seems like a wonderful deal, until this seemingly harmless bed goes out of control and transforms into an unstoppable robot.

First Impressions – first 25 minutes
Hmm, it’s starts kind of like Assemble Insert. Everything is hunky dory and we’ve got our set up. Haruko, played by Chisa Yokoyama, is the ever smiling Japanese girl. The rest of her friends who work as volunteer nurses with her are likable enough but I like the old man, Kijuro Takazawa, even though he doesn’t seem to do anything other then say “Haruko-sannnnnn!” Also the Toyota-like presentation of the super bed is awesome! The Ministry of Health have that whole “Welcome to the World of Tomorrowwwwww!” down pat.

OK, now the bed’s starting to do stuff. Send email, IM Haruko and then get up by itself and drive down freeways! What would the ticket write up for that on a Tokyo Metropolitan Police cop’s ticket look like?

Awww, seems the old man just wants to remember the good old days with his beloved wife. The flashback is nice. Feels like a scene from a Yasujiro Ozu film.

OK, now the Ministry has cornered the kids in the hospital with the bed, with Takazawa-san in it, in Takazawa’s house. And the bed’s climbing up the stairs! Oh, I’m around the 25 minute mark here.

Second Impressions – next 25 minutes
Oh, damn. Haruko and her nursing friends just got busted for trying to bust Mr. Takazawa out of the hospital. Their boss screamed at them for three hours. Imagine the dialogue- “You’re a loose hypodermic in this department! Turn in your ID and your bedpan now!” Wait, she’s asking a bunch of old guys for help breaking into the bed’s computer.

OK, I never liked the movie Hackers. It sucked. Mostly because I couldn’t buy that a bunch of attractive people could be *ahem*, “hackers”. But now, there’s a bunch of geezers, just finished breaking into the Tyrell Corporation. Nice reference. I like these old guys. They talk about hacking, bio-computer and hard-ons. Wow, this is good. Now, they’re getting the bed to stand up, walk and talk. Someone get Will Wright on the phone! Now, the bed has escaped the hospital. Must have been the food that made it leave. Haruko leaves to find the bed. Now, the health department has coming looking for her at the hospital. Wait, is this the same hospital or another one? Now, the guy who programmed the bed for the Pentagon (don’t ask) is stealing two floppy disks from the geezers computer. Jesus, does he not have any of his own?

Now the bed is destroying downtown. Oh, there goes the Pachinko parlour! Now the police are in riot gear. Wait, the bed is now fifteen feet high, how the hell are they going to intimidate it to do anything!? Now, Haruko is arriving at the scene. Mr. Terada from the Health Ministry is ordering the arrest of Haruko for causing all this. Wait, when can the Health department arrest anyone? Nevermind, the bed, using the voice of Mr. Takazawa’s dead wife, is telling them to let her go.

The bed, with Mr. Takazawa in the land of nod in it, has fled the scene of the crime. And now, loose cannon Haruko, the computer guy and Terada are getting into a chopper. To find it….

Next up – The Final half hour!

Cyber Lesbians In Powered Armor

Fight! Iczer 1 DVD Cover

This week I have Gerald from Anime World Order join me to review Fight! Iczer 1 an anime from 1985. With angsty naked schoolgirls, high eyeliner, lesbians, giant robots, the best damn Earth Defense Force EVER and Kaneto Shiozawa as a naked, evil, blonde-haired alien child(!?!) this title has anything and everything. Check out this tribute YouTube video(thanks to Regan for the link):



  • Anime Pacific (They’re on their last few episodes, go check them out!)
  • Anime-82 (Regan covered Iczer One on his show as well)

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Eeeper’s Choice Show 10 – Our Evil Spreads Show!

This week Eeeper reviews, for the retro choice corner, Project A-Ko while Oni reviews Ninja Scroll! Yes I’ve got a co-host now in the form of Oni. Who is he? Well, you’ll just have to listen and find out. He’s been waiting to join the show for a while but only recently could he do so. The tone of the show is going downhill from here on in.

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The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya is set for a May release in both standard and vol 1+artbox versions courtesy of Bandai Entertainment. Yes, the hardest working Internet launched anime in history is coming Here’s hoping this doesn’t turn out to be another Azumanga Daioh…[Link]

Also on 25th January just under 1/4 of a million people viewed the special ending of Haruhi from volume 7 of the Japanese DVD when it was posted up on YouTube. A quarter of a million people!?! Have these people no real lives!? Oh, wait. Sorry, wrong person to ask that question…

Mushishi is being courted for a release of it’s l;ive action version. God, I must have missed this when it first came out. So, on the podcast no offense was meant to Mushishi fans at all. Betcha one of parties interested in the film was ADV and another was Harmony Gold. I mean without any new licences, they only have Robotech to fall back on for profit. Right? Right!? RIGHT!?! Oh here’s that link to Jo Odagiri’s ANN page. [Link]

Funimation announced they have the rights to Mushishi the anime, Ragnarok The Animation and Suzuka. OK, let’s just hope they finally fix their subtitle problems this year….YEAH, RIGHT!!!Christ, I can’t escape from Mushishi! And it’s been given one of the worst re-titles for this year. BugMaster! (As Weevil Underwood(English Version)): Oh no, you’ve broken my Great Moth! We hate that voice actors take on Underwood.

Also Funimation expand their programming block on their Funimation Channel. Now we can watch more DragonBall then ever before! [Link]

Bandai Visual USA have said they will release Gunbuster 2[Link]

Manga Entertainment have announced that they will release the Ghost In The Shell:SAC movie Solid State Society in July. Apparently they weren’t brave enough to release it on Blu-Ray [Link]

I’ve tried to find the article on Anime News Service about Blu-Ray outselling HD-DVD in Japan but as of the time of my writing this, I’ve had no luck…Any one who read it can email me the link at the usual address.

YouTube and Google reps met with members of the The Japanese Society of Rights of Authors and Composers (JASRAC) and The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan. With literally hundreds of thousands of copyrighted clips of anime available on YouTube, JASRAC is starting to get nervous. What!?! They’re only getting nervous now?!?

The GITS DVD we were talking about can be found here but is now out of print. You might be able to find it on Auctions but it’s up to you.

And finally, as I promised here is the Wiki Entry on Pentacost


Air Gear

Huh? Where’s the review? Sorry the section with Oni ran long so it’s going to be next week before you can listen to Eeeper review this.

Project A-Ko

This amazing movie from 1986 remains one of Eeeper’s favourite anime of all time and set a benchmark for parodies of anime and manga to come. Captain Harlock, Maison Ikkoku and Fist of the North Star are some of the titles that get poked to death in this treat. Eeeper goes all over the world for sport in this review before actually getting to the PLOT. Try and stay with him on this one, it does pay off. Central Park Media released this movie along with the OVA sequels comprising of the DVD volumes Love and Robots and Uncivil Wars. Oni watched Uncivil Wars but Eeeper didn’t so only the first film and part of the OVA’s are covered. This film was one of three VHS available to rent from 24-Hour Video in Eeep’s hometown (the other two being Giant Robo Part One of the OVA and StreetFighter II: The Animated Movie) so it got serious playtime in the Eeep household.

Ninja Scroll 10th Anniversary Edition

Yeah! This kick ass movie from 1993 has it’s flaws (no character devolpment for secondary characters for one thing) but it’s getting the Manliest award from us. It may be replaced soon ( Mazinger Z and Getter Robo are on order) but for now bask in the glory of it’s testosterone! The plot doesn’t matter! After all it is a public safety service announcement from Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Oni has never tried to review anything before this so his review should be taken in the spirit in which it was approached. Which is the Spirit Of Vengeance. Go Ghost Rider!

Competition Time plus other stuff

Yep, it’s our first give away and up for grabs is the first volume plus artbox of Fafner! Yeah I know it’s an Evangelion rip-off but it’s brainless, entertaining stuff anyway. The competition is open to all regardless of location. Only stipulation is that you must be able to play Region ! DVD’s . That’s it. To win you’ll have to listen in.

Open Request to all podcasters! If you have a podcast promo that you think we can play on our show send them in, please!

Also speaking of podcasts, we are now on Digg, Technorati, Podcast Pickle and also Podcast Alley. Please add us to them! We need all of your help! Don’t make us beg! It’ll be embarrassing and sticky….


Next Week: Oni will be reviewing the classic shoujo sci-fi film, They Were Eleven. While Eeeper will tackle another Kawajiri title from 1995, Birdy The Mighty plus the late review of the manga Air Gear by Oh!Great. Just in time for the anime from ADV.

Eeeper’s Choice Show 09 – The-Giant-Robo-Strike!-Show

This week I review the manga’a Infinite Ryvius by SUNRISE and Legal Drug by CLAMP and the retro choice anime OVA Giant Robo! Woo-hoo! Free nuclear-powered robots for everybody!

This week’s show has NO news as I haven’t had time to check the news. Yeah I heard that Haruhi Suzumiya got licensed. The whole of the anime related internet has heard. If you want to know my opinion on Haruhi check out show 03. Normal news service will be resumed next show.

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No news this week


Infinite Ryvius

This manga created by original creators Hajime Yatate(insider joke: look up on google who actually is Hajime Yatate) and Yousuke Kuroda(original scriptwriter) with art from Shinsuke Kurihashi. This is published in two volumes by the now-defunct Comics-One and it’s successor DRMaster. Told from the perspective of Aoi Housen, and her roommates Kozue Izumi and Reiko Ichikawa and while it’s not following the plot exactly it’s excellent. Full of tension and all that good stuff, it’s a nice addition on your shelf next to the DVD of the original show. WARNING: UNLESS YOU WANT THE SERIES SPOLIED FOR YOU, WATCH THE ANIME FIRST

Legal Drug

CLAMP always do great stories even if sometimes the actual plot makes no sense. That is true for Legal Drug, a three volume manga originally in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten and in the US/UK by TokyoPop. This follows the adventures of two psychics Kazahaya and Reiko who work for Kakei at the GreenDrug Store pharmacy. As well as doing regular jobs, the two boys have to do “special” deliveries for Kakei that utilise their mental skills. Only complaint I have is that CLAMP haven’t finished this story, as they are currently working on other projects.

Giant Robo: The Day The Earth Stood Still

I’ve been promising myself I’d get round to this title sooner or later. This is the best title that I’ve seen in the last year and that’s all there is to it. Listen to my review for more info and why I think this.

Well we come to the end of another terrible show, folks. Next show, I might have a surprise for you. Metacarpals crossed! Next show I’ll be reviewing the manga Air Gear, the anime Ninja Scroll(Yosh!) and in the Retro Choice section I have the classic anime, Project A-ko! Wooo-Hooo!

Eeepers’s Choice Show 02 Interview with Jerome Mazandarani

Today I review Super Robot Wars Original Generation OAV, drink Diet Coke with Lime, talk briefly about my tastes in RPGs(not that kind of RPG!…get your mind outta the gutter!) and, oh yeah, talk with Jerome Mazandarani for a bit.

Jerome is the marketing head honcho at Manga Entertainment UK. We chat about Manga as a company, where they went wrong in the nineties, Mangas licence for Naruto, Tokyo Underground, Ghost in the Shell and what’s happening this year for the company. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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