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Noburu Ishiguru 1938 – 2012

Chances are, if you’re reading this, that you probably have heard of the passing of famed anime director Noburu Ishiguru. Mr. Ishiguru passed away aged 73. I won’t keep you all very long. This is my personal recollection of Ishiguru.

I knew of Ishiguru’s work in anime even before I knew of he, himself. Growing up with Robotech, you, sort of, had no choice in the matter. Even after discovering about Macross, and his involvement with it, I remained impressed that one man kept it all of it together. Today there are committees, companies and like for this sort of thing. Back then nobody knew about cross media opportunities, having record companies work hand in hand with anime producers to the degree Macross did. Ishiguru helmed a series that did all that.

Working on the 1980’s Astro Boy series, you can see his flair even inside this most Tezuka of Tezuka’s works and having the added pressure of working alongside the God of Manga himself. I am only now digging into the treasure that is Legend of Galactic Heroes. Such an amazing work. Oddly, I saw his latest work, Tytania, before starting into LoGH. Does this distract from his earlier space opera? Not at all, in my book.

At Otakon 2011,I had the delightful opportunity to see Mr. Ishiguru in person as he, Makoto Shinkai and Kazuya Murata were jointly holding a Producers and Directors panel (well, the producers were too scared to come up on stage, so it became a directors panel!). We heard from a variety of their recollections, most of which I struggle to recall at the moment to be honest, and then got a chance to ask questions. Unfortunately, some idiot decided to ask the inevitable Tsunami question and that ground the whole panel to a halt. As a result, a lot of us never got a chance to ask our questions. I had a few but now I think of it, there really was only one: “For Ishiguru-sempai, and the rest of the panel if they like, what do you want to be remembered for?” Sadly, I’ll never get the chance to ask that of Mr. Ishiguru, but looking back at his long body of work, his contribution to what we regard as modern anime and his great take on being an animation director, I think I’ve got the best answer possible, in my mind. Thank you, Mr. Ishiguru, for all your hard work. You have most certainly earned your rewards, whenever you are.

Go raibh maith agat.

Leiji Matsumoto’s OZMA first review plus quick impressions of the VIKI service

OK, so I’ve just seen Matsumoto’s new show OZMA on @viki. It’s pretty good.


It’s the future, the earth has dried up, people will in the outcroppings of rock in the desert. Our plucky hero, Sam Coyne (great Irish name) rescues the whisp-ish girl, Maya, from a Theseian (I think it’s spelled
that way) patrol who seem to know her. Just as they chase her down in their huge sand destroyers, she and they are thrown into a micro-sandstorms (because you know they can be very dangerous) by a Dune sandworm called an Ozma, allowing Sam in his sand flyer to snatch Maya out of the bad guys clutches. He takes her back to his home, a town built into a huge rock plateau where the ship he serves on is docked.

So, our adventure begins. I love Matsumoto and everything he does. The character designs never change, the ideas are all similar but still I’m glad he’s around. If anything, this first episode reminds me that he can make the best kinds of stories. When he announces a new show I get excited for watching a show or movie that I’ve seen replayed dozens of times before. Normally, I’d say this is not a good thing but he’s different. He’s always like that. The cast talks about Natura’s, quantum resonance, Ozma’s and so on but it’s not really that important. Matsumoto’s not that pushed to give you explanations. He’s got a hero, a beautiful girl, old Tochiro, Queen Esmeraldas without the scar, Harlock being the debut episode’s bad guy, the Man to fight and that’s all you need to know. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and you have your setup and your reason for watching. The blurb on the Viki page says this series will “tackle the ultimate question of life and its existence”. If that’s true, I’m all for it.


Trying out Viki on Android, the subtitles are clear, if literal, and the font they use is huge and crisp. You will not be able to NOT read this stuff. The people at Viki can only subtitle this stuff with community help. I know it’s on Crunchyroll as well but this is a new service and they are a worldwide outfit straight out of the box. That, in and of itself, deserves our praise. So, head over to and check out their other shows.

Fighting will get you the girl. Or stuffing her in a barrel. Whichever works for you.

This time round we are looking at the classic manga Apollo’s Song by Osamu Tezuka. and the Super Sentai anime Assemble Insert


Apollo’s Song

Apollo's Song Cover

What’s an Apollo’s song? In a shell an Osamu Tezuka story full of deep inner meaning, self denial and oddly placed humour. Shogo (Apollo) is cursed by the goddess of love, Aphrodite, as a penance towards his cruel and cold hearted approach to love. Shogo is given a couple of chances, during various times thorough human history, to experience real love but because of the curse is destined to lose that love every single time. The story its self is well crafted and enjoyable apart from the unusually placed “fourth wall” comedy moments. If you find it, add it to your collection , it does appeal to a broader audience then most current publications.

Assemble Insert


Direct Download


Carl Macek will be denied!!!

This week myself and Aaron from the Weekly Anime Review take a look at Super Dimension Century Orguss, a classic series from the 1980’s. You know “the before time”. Anywho, a hiccup has meant that the two volumes I own and the one volume Aaron owns, are the only ones we can have at the moment. Imaginasian and TMS are working to start printing more DVD’s soon but it’s not looking good folks.

This show is the twin to my appearance on the WARP anime podcast hosted by Aaron. Check out it here. Aaron released his show AGES ago before he even went on holiday! Oh, well.

Direct Download


Better show notes soon. Also to Chippy: no it’s not Overfiend! That’s coming. Sooner rather than later!

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Cyber Lesbians In Powered Armor

Fight! Iczer 1 DVD Cover

This week I have Gerald from Anime World Order join me to review Fight! Iczer 1 an anime from 1985. With angsty naked schoolgirls, high eyeliner, lesbians, giant robots, the best damn Earth Defense Force EVER and Kaneto Shiozawa as a naked, evil, blonde-haired alien child(!?!) this title has anything and everything. Check out this tribute YouTube video(thanks to Regan for the link):



  • Anime Pacific (They’re on their last few episodes, go check them out!)
  • Anime-82 (Regan covered Iczer One on his show as well)

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Eeeper’s Choice Show 14 – The I-Want-Tom-Cody! Show

Hello all, we have finally returned! To all who were worried, it’s all right now. To those who weren’t, you shall feel my hyper beam dammit! On this weeks show we talk Ninjas and their consultants and the fact that they are getting engaged to one another.


Cover of Gunsmith Cats Vol.1

For the review this week I’m taking on Kenichi Sonoda’s hyper violent manga Gunsmith Cats. Nasty, quick and dangerous to know this title has what I describe as an unhealthy disrespect for life in general. That and 17 year olds passing for 13 year olds, their pedo explosive expert boyfriends(!?!), something I call the “Phantom Dick” and of course this man. Of course I’d never suggest that you watch copyrighted material with other companies music put in with it. No way, not at all.

Download Show 14 here

Next week: Osamu Tezuka’s Apollo’s Song and Masami Yuki’s Assemble Insert.

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Eeeper’s Choice Show 11 – The Beaten, Bloodied but Unbowed Show

This week we review Air Gear the manga, They Were Eleven and Birdy The Mighty OVA. Also we talk incessantly throughout the news section. Oh well. You’re not listening to this show for the intellectual quota. Oni talks about furries (I think), I talk about Bandai Visual USA (I’m sure) and we both talk about Miller and Baileys(I’m certain).

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In the news this(last months) week:

Leiji Matsumoto’s Great Yamato #0 which is a sequel to the original series has started streaming the first 45 minute episode for free. With no restriction on location the only thing stopping you is your internet connection! Woot! [Link]

Bandai have announced their new Mobile Suit Gundam series. As the first Gundam to be set in “our” calender this should be good. So long as it doesn’t suck worse than Seed Destiny. [Link]

Bandai Entertainment, at A-Kon, has said they are to distribute the next in the Galaxy Angel series, Galaxy Angel X and its spinoff S special. And no, unlike Bandai Visual, Bandai Ent. won’t be charging 7,431 Yen for each episode. [As Bandai Visual: Expensive is Better!] [Link]

The live action Speed racer movie project has released images of the Mach 5 car from said film. Yay! Everyone leap for joy! Seriously though, the Wachowski brothers have already succeeded at Sci-Fi illusionist bollocks. Why can they succeed with family film illusionist bollocks as well? [Link]

LiveJournal and it’s parent company, Six Apart are going to unsuspend some user accounts which had been suspended due to LJ owners feeling that some users who had lolicon and Shotacon themed LJ accounts were violating the terms of service required by LiveJournal. As a result the owners of LJ are in process of restoring about 250 accounts. My take: if you’re into that aspect of culture, fine. But if what you’re doing violates your TOS with the blog service, tough. You signed your soul away when you joined up. Now it’s time to pay the price. [Link]

And finally Geneon Entertainment US has announced that they are to distribute select titles from their catalogue on Azureus’ Vuze Bit Torrent service. Great. If you live in the US, that is. [Link]


Air Gear

This manga by Tenjho Tenge creator Oh!Great is great if you’re a big reader of PlayBoy and I don’t mean for the articles. It’s trying to tell some kind of BIGGER STORY but honestly I don’t think that it matters. All you need to know is that Ikki, the protagonist, is a TOUGH guy! And he skates! And finds women, who he likes, naked!. A lot. Seriously, it’s a good waste of time but no more than that.

  • Link to Wiki Page on Air Gear [Link]
  • Link to ANN page on Air Gear [Link]
  • Link to Del Ray’s page [Link]

They Were Eleven

This section is noticebly bare bones mostly because I’ve left Oni to write it up. Needlessly to say this is not one title that he was excited about. Despite my attempts, Oni would only agree that it’s something you should watch if you have the time but don’t go out of your way buy this.

  • Wiki page on the movie [Link]
  • ANN page for the movie [Link]
  • Frigging excellent interview with Moto Hagio! All fans of Shoujo or 70’s era manga should read this! [Link]

Birdy The Mighty

I freakin’ love this OVA! Great crisp animation, nice self deprecating humour and a surprising choice for director. After waiting for under ten years to finally watch this, I wasn’t disappointed. The manga has never been published in English but scanalations are around. Chikan Manga are currently translating the remake manga also by Birdy creator Masami Yuuki. I’m looking forward to the remake anime which should be out around the end of the year. If you can find the original OVA on Amazon or eBay well and good if not then hope the fact that it’s a Bandai Visual title might mean they could re-release it themselves. Then again, I’m still waiting for them to release Dangioh so finger’s crossed, huh?

  • ANN page on Birdy the anime [Link]
  • ANN page on Birdy the original manga [Link]
  • Wikpedia page on the entire franchise [Link]
  • eBay page for Birdy the Mighty stuff WARNING! Just because someone lists something for sale on eBay doesn’t make it so. Always check the seller history before buying [Link]
  • search for Birdy The Mighty OAV [Link]


Edit: Apologies to all who checked in and found the enclosure broken. Thanks to Anonymous for the warning! Despite me reloading the file twice I can’t fix the “slow” robot voice at the start of the podcast. Also I’ve reached the limit of free space on Podomatic so next week we’ll try switching to a new paid web host service. Bear with us again. Thanks to the Root Beer King and Anime Pacific for leaving comments on the site.

Speaking of next week, what are we reviewing? Next week, Oni has said that he wants to tackle Ken Akumatsu’s Negima manga. Hey watch me tear into him over this title. It’s going to get ugly. Me, I’ll be tackling the utter fantastic one shot manga, Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms by Fumiyo Kouno. Stay tuned. It’s only getting better from here.

As always, I’m constantly checking in the Animejump, Otaku USA, Moonmasters, Fast Karate and GMEP forums. If you spot me, send me a PM.