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Things I’ve been doing instead of writing here

Hi all,

Just a quick update to say I’m writing but I’m almost exclusively writing for other people’s websites at the moment. Check out my reviews of the first clumps of Gundam Reconguista in G, my Ani-Gamers column is starting its windup with the last few posts coming in the next two months or so. I’m also doing other people’s podcasts, check out my appearances on Dynamite In The Brain with Giant Robo and Lupin the 3rd, Secret of Mamo. I’m also trying vainly to finish multiple reviews for before the next Trap Door is out.

I’ll get back to writing here as soon as I can. Talk with you all soon.


Please note: this was written in 2011 so hence things like REDLine had just come out and my recent trip to Otakon.

Usually, when you discover a new anime series, it’s a case of “Hmm, interesting, but it’s too generic and samey. Could have used a vampire.” It’s a sad fact that the bulk of shows made today pander too much to a really, really, small niche market. I’m fine with people liking whatever it is they like but once in a while, just once in a while, I like to get a show or movie that I can really start chewing on. So, I heard and then read the central premise of Rideback. I looked for fansubs of it but by the time I did, FUNimation has already licenced it and so I decided to wait for my DVD or blu ray of it. So, when I realised that I’d be at Otakon this year and FUNI would have a sales booth I decided to buy it. And then it sat on my ever widening shelf of anime that I hadn’t watched. But unemployment will make a person want to fill the spaces when they aren’t looking for a job. So, I found myself watching the show. And it might be my favourite show of the year and I’ve had a lot of candidates for the title.

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One step forward, two steps back: DMP are not having a good day

The other day, DMP sent out a survey request to people who have been backing their Tezuka Kickstarter projects asking them about what they wanted from the next lot of Kickstarter campaigns and what they didn’t want in the next few campaigns.

OK, so I’ve written over the last few weeks about DMP and their attempts to capitalise on their initial successes with Swallowing the Earth, Barbara and Unico. They tried to fund one enormous campaign that didn’t succeed even after trying to explain itself further. Finally, after all that, they decided to push reset on their efforts and started with a short Tezuka story, Ludwig B. , so I thought maybe they could learn from it and move on. So when they sent out their email, I thought “hey, great, I’ll fill this out and be as helpful as possible!”

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Even the most foolish of us can learn: DMP’s new and improved Tezuka Kickstarter

Showing that you can learn from your mistakes, Digital Manga Publishing is back with another Tezuka kickstarter project. The previous one ended in fire, just as myself and a lot of other people predicted it would. Looking for $380, 000, they barely scraped together under $27k. We went to town on them over the problems with the amount required, the tier problems and well, dammit, everything. See the link for particulars. So when DMP launched their next Kickstarter for the two volume biopic of famed German composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, titled Ludwig B., I was surprised. Check out their campaign video with its more modest goal of $21,000 and I’ll join you after the jump.

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Digital Manga Publishing responds to questions about Tezuka World Kickstarter

So, DMP promised they would get back to their customers who had questions about the Tezuka kickstarter on the 28th of this month. Get back to them, they did. But some of their responses are making me uneasy still.

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Tezuka, Kickstarters and all that Jazz

Why I can’t support this kickstarter and why I’m happy to pledge to future ones.

(Note: RRP is the same as MSRP and P&P is Hibernian English for Shipping and Handling)

Normally, I’d be lazy and not bother one wit to write about manga on my own website. You can tell with the amount of updates on the main page how wedded I am to keeping it up to date. But, a bee in my bonnet I have, and a bee in my bonnet I must address. I’ve been supporting Digital Manga Publishing with their Kickstarter projects for a while now having only missed out on the Swallowing The Earth project (I ruminate somedays on whether or not to pay the crazy marketplace secondhand prices). I like the idea of getting to read Osamu Tezuka’s work in printed form because he’s an important author and a great storyteller. His body of work stretches over decades and incompasses all genres and mediums. So when DMP decided that their Swallowing The Earth KS could give rise to more such ideas, I eagerly followed them. I’m the proud owner of Barbara, Unico, Triton of the Sea, Atomcat and I’m looking forward to their Captain Ken releases. But there is a seriously hard pill to swallow with their current project.

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Cyber City Odeo 808 (The Better review)

cyber-city-oedo-808Today we tackle the awesome Cyber City Odeo 808. Today we have Michael from Prede’s Anime Reviews helping review my favourite Yoshiaki Kawajiri OVA. Check out my review of the show on Anigamers and Michael’s take on the title on his blog. Apologies for the audio problems. Also, if you feel like cringing, listen to my original podcast about it, all those years ago.

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Final Day of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service – End Of Line

And with that, the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service MMF comes to an end. I can’t tell you how nervous I was hosting this and how much I worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish it. But with, as the saying goes, hard work and guts, we pulled it off. I wish to thank everyone who contributed to it and who give of their time and writing skills to make this the success it is.

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