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Eeeper’s Choice Podcast is Ireland’s only registered anime and manga review podcast. Being the only big kids in the local neighborhood makes it a special website.

Now nearing into it’s third year (original file was uploaded June 03, 2006), the podcast goes from strength to strength trying it’s level best to deliver an Irish and European audio perspective on the anime and manga sub-culture. With nearly twenty shows completed and more on the way, the hosts are now looking to expand the scope of the podcast into more areas.

The Hosts


Eeeper or Phillip as he’s known in real life, has been an anime fan since the age of around twelve, having seen Ghost in The Shell and Akira across several nights. Despite this the anime fanbase in his native Ireland simply didn’t exist and so with no new material his interest in the subject died and was replaced by more immediate fandoms. However a chance encounter with a Newtype magazine would lead to a renewed interest in the medium and soon the online persona of Eeeper was born. After buying some anime and manga he develed into the world of anime podcasts and discovered among others Otaku Generation and the Ninja Consultants podcasts. The NC podcast in particular made an impression him and he soon launched his podcast talking about anime and manga that interested him. After adding his brother, Oni, to the podcast as co-host the show has seen more subscribers and visitors from across the globe. 2008 will see the show expand to include guest reviews from America and beyond. With one convention already attended(Eirtakon 2007), the show is seeking to go further afield and meet and greet anime and manga fans worldwide.

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Finding Eeeper is pretty easy on the web. You can find him on Plurk, Twitter, LiveJournal, MySpace (Although he really hates that site) and Tumblr.


Oni as he is known, is the older brother to Eeeper and as such is keeper of the flame that is fandom in the Eeeper household. Having watched Robotech, Ulysses 31, Battle of the Planets and others for the early days of 80’s translated anime, Oni watched such series and films as Akira, 3X3 Eyes, Ghost in The Shell , Vampire Hunter D and others, he is the stalwart co-host of the podcast. Prone to random posts about anime and manga culture tidbits he nevertheless is always on hand to shoot down Eeeper whenever the others head becomes too big. Which happens a lot.

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Phillip, going by the handle Eeeper, reviews anime and manga from the post apocalyptic wasteland that is Ireland. Remember, it's all your fault.

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